“Look Ahead America” has a Secret and Not a Good One

Look Ahead America  (LAA) has a secret that’s hidden so successfully that “right wing” publications like Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit and Steve Bannon’s War Room are promoting it. It is difficult to believe that they would knowingly promote an organization that is misleading the American public. 

Billed as a Republican reform group, LAA is anything but.  In fact, it will more likely be used to ensure that certain election reforms do not happen or that the reforms enacted will further consolidate the manipulations and control over our election system.  Former President Donald J. Trump expressed similar concerns pertaining to Georgia’s recent election reforms, stating:

“Georgia’s election reform law is far too weak and soft to ensure real ballot integrity! Election Day is supposed to be Election Day, not Election Week or Election Month. Far too many days are given to vote.  Too much “mischief” can happen during this very long period of time.”

Matt Braynard, LAA’s founder, gained national attention when his group, the “Voter Integrity Project” stepped forward with claims that Dominion committed election fraud.  Whether or not Braynard knew that there was already a legitimate group named “Voter Integrity Project” is unknown.  It is known, however, that the real Voter Integrity Project  immediately and rightly disassociated itself from Braynard.  Despite the protestations from Voter Integrity Project, Braynard continues to use the co-opted name on the Look Ahead America website.

Braynard led the data operations for Trump’s 2016 campaign but was fired due to a “personnel issue,” according to a Mother Jones article that tries too hard to convince that Braynard is an ardent conservative and Trump supporter.  According to Politico:

Braynard, the former Republican National Committee strategist Trump had hired to run his campaign’s data team, was let go by the campaign a couple weeks ago, multiple sources also told POLITICO.  Neither Braynard nor Lewandowski commented when asked whether Braynard left of his own accord or was fired…According to a person familiar with the campaign, Braynard’s departure has left some on the campaign unable to access some of its files.” 

Even more disturbing are Braynard’s connections to eBay founder, Pierre Omidyar, the original and biggest Never-Trumper.  Omidyar’s relentless “fake right” (AKA Globalist) attacks on President Trump are well documented by Julie Kelly, who wrote:

“Among Omidyar’s shrewdest moves was to co-opt a number of outcast Republicans who were bitter that Trump won the presidential election over their strong objections. This list includes once-influential Republican officials and lawmakers, as well as conservative opinion-makers and consultants.  Since Trump’s surprise election, they have aided the Left in attempting to drive Trump from office.”

In fact, as recently as September of 2020, Braynard was the Senior Advisor and data guru” for Take Back Our Republic (TBOR,) a “fake-right” group that has received $2,185,000 since 2015 from Omidyar via Democracy Fund. 

Braynard fails to mention his Omidyar connection on the LAA website or in his court-submitted report on election fraud.  He also neglects to mention it on his LinkedIn profile that indicates he was President of the Braynard group at the time he worked for TBOR.  Why would a dedicated conservative and Trump supporter be this connected to Omidyar, President Trump’s biggest nemesis? 

It is possible that the Braynard Group contracted with TBOR.  If so, does the Braynard Group have a contract with LAA?  Is LAA, like TBOR, Omidyar-funded?  At a time when legitimate groups like the Voter Integrity Project are under-funded, LAA surpassed its $590,000 goal, raising $675,437 in less than three months. 

Braynard’s ties to Omidyar do not end with TBOR.  Braynard was a senior redistricting and election administration analyst at Election Data Services.  Election Data Services works closely with the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) on redistricting.  Omidyar, via Democracy Fund, granted $770,000 to the NCSL redistricting program between 2017 and 2020.

Additionally, LAAs National Field Director is Caroline Craze. 

Like Braynard, Craze was also employed at Omidyar’s TBOR where she was a Data Coordinator.   Her LinkedIn profile indicates that for the entire month of March she was working for both LAA and TBOR. 

Prior to TBOR, Craze interned at SteadyApp, a temporary/part-time employment service in which Omidyar Network, Flourish and Propel (Omidyar investments) were key investors. 

If the numerous connections between LAA and Omidyar are simply coincidental, why is Braynard hiding them?  Is Omidyar running the LAA show?  Given Omidyar’s relentless attacks on President Trump and Trump supporters, conservatives may want to ponder that question before completing LAA’s contact form that requires a full name, phone number and email address. 

Perhaps a name change is in order – from “Look Ahead America” to “Look Out America.”